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"Had life really get in the way of being able to still handle my home, luckily Tim appeared and offered a friendly way to help me out of a bad situation. I never felt pressure and his upfront honest attitude made things feel very comfortable. I'm so happy I saw his sign that day and snapped a pictured, thanks again guys for giving me a second chance at things :)"

- Bobby B

"A friend of a friend point me in the direction of Tim & Amber as my mother had past and I just couldn't handle dealing with her estate. They offered me a more than fair price for what the property was and I'm looking forward to seeing it after and knowing another family can crate memories in my childhood home"

- Jenny F

"We received a postcard as we have from others but this time when I called I was greeted by a pleasant person that spoke English. Tim was so nice and I am so very happy we reached out, this will be a huge burden lifted from our lives!!"

- Jackie T

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